Spicers Paper

A series of packaging promotions that heroes Spicer’s packaging stocks in a sustainable way. Working with Contain Design,  we created a fictitious product for each stock with a name, brand, and structural solution. This non-alcoholic Saké cocktail kit, references fresh mountain water from Nagano’s Alps. The mountains are reflected in the carry handle and the flatpack is glueless.

Identity Design
Packaging concept

Production + Forme: Contain Design

The Australian Open 

An open-air arts walk celebrating twelve of Australia’s most renowned street artists. Located in Melbourne Park precinct for the the running of the 2021 Australian Open. A minimal  palette with a pop of metallic, paired with a flexible design system showcased the variety of artistic expressions.

Brand identity
Exhibition wayfinding
Print and digital campaign

SCOPE     Brand Identity, Art Direction - Brand + TV, Print & Digital                           Campaign, Illustration

ROLE         Art Director + Creative Lead

WITH         Ariel Martin (Director), Benny Capp (Photography)

Nike Running 

Runners finding runners - a global campaign celebrating runners from all walks of life. We were engaged to localise the campaign to an Australian/NZ audience and connect running clubs to their local running community. The directory takes inspiration from the nostalgia of the old yellow pages phone book and profiles inclusive run crews, photographed across Australia and NZ.

Identity Design
Publication Design

As Design Director
at SSW.Studio for Nike

Mesa Verde

Spicy nights and mezcal flights. Branding for good friends in Melbourne' beloved Curtin House. Since launching in 2013, a continuously evolving visual identity was imagined, layered with references to Mesa's past and present. A symbolic agave net acts as a lens, capturing in micro detail the meitculous flavours created and experimented with. Grainy collages reflect the nostalgia of western films continuously projected onto the interior walls. 

Creative Direction
Signage & Lighting

Fancy Hanks

Known for their smokehouse meats, American sides and sauces, Fancy Hank’s started bottling their famed BBQ and hot sauces in 2018. Inspired by the nostalgia of old fashioned spirits and packaging we created a custom hip flask bottle to house their sauce range and a bespoke and unique container for seasonings.

Packaging artwork
Creative concept

Production + Forme: Contain 
Photography: Jana Langhorst